1. Fees once paid shall not be refunded or transferred to any other service.
  2.  TDS shall be deducted on service charges only and not on the statutory and other tax components.
  3. Trademark shall be filed only upon receipt of 100% Invoice amount in advance.
  4.  Advance Trademark search is recommended for all the applications; however, it is at the discretion of the Proprietor to opt for advance Trademark Search and Oscar Global Services/Oscar Legal Services is not liable for any opinion whatsoever.
  5.  Additional services like Examination Reply / Hearing Fees/ Oppositions/ Amendments/ Review etc. shall be charged separately and all the fees including Government Fees and Professional Fees will be billed separately. You further agree to pay us for takes any action without your prior approval to safeguard the Trademark from being abandoned.
  6. You agree to pay all taxes as applicable under prevailing law.
  7. Filing will be done only upon receipt of the payment and only upon receipt of written confirmation from the customer.
  8.  Proprietor agrees that the Trademarks shall be Registered subject to availability in that particular class in the Trademark Register and Registration depends on purely at the discretion of the Registrar of Trademarks. Oscar Global Services/Oscar LEgal Services only facilitate in filing & Prosecution of your Trademark and we are not liable for Trademark Registration Refusal.
  9. All disputes arising out of or in relation to the Trademark Filing shall be settled by arbitration governed by the provisions of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 and subsequent amendments as applicable thereof. A panel of three arbitrators shall be appointed wherein each Party shall appoint one arbitrator within 15 days of the expiry of the Consultation Period, and the two arbitrators together shall appoint the presiding arbitrator within 15 days of the appointment of the last of the two arbitrators. The venue/seat of Arbitration shall be Hyderabad and the language of arbitration shall be English. A dispute shall be deemed to have arisen when either Party notifies the other Party in writing to that effect.
  10.  Documents Collection Charges/Franking/Notary etc. of Rs.200 to Rs.500 to be paid separately.
  11. Do not share this form with any third party without prior consent of Oscar Global Services/ Oscar Legal Services. This form is Intellectual Property of Oscar Global Services/ Oscar Legal Services and you.