Copyright does not protect ideas, names or titles. The purpose of Copyright law in India is to allow Copyright registrants to gain economic rewards for their efforts and to encourage future creativity and the development of new material which benefits everyone. Copyright material is usually the result of creative skills and/or significant labour and/or investment, and without protection, it would often be very easy for others to exploit material without paying the creator. Most uses of Copyright material therefore require permission from the Copyright owner. However there are certain exceptions where some minor uses may not result in Copyright infringement.

What is Copyright Registration?

Copyright Registration gives upon its proprietor elite rights to duplicate or replicate the work or permit or offer authorization to someone else to do as such. Copyright is normally controlled by the maker of the work. Copyrights are likewise transferable.

Is copyright required to be registered?

    Copyright registration ensures the privileges of the innovators on account of an encroachment. This is legitimate insurance that no other can abuse the copyrighted of author or maker in any type of recommended work without the assent of the proprietor.

    Copyright distinguishes the selective privileges of the proprietor over a unique/novel work. For example, Music, books, improvement of programming, making films, style structures, pamphlets, and reference booklets all appreciate copyright assurance, even without copyright registration.

Process for Copyright Registration :

·         COPYRIGHT APPLICATION: Copyright application should be readied and it takes approx 2 to 4 working days

·         PROCESSING APPLICATION: After recording of an application, journal no. is issued and afterward candidate needs to hang tight for next 30 days for complaints.

·         FILING: if there should arise an occurrence of no complaint, investigate r will look at the application, and on the off chance that no disparity is discovered; at that point registration is endorsed by the enlistment center.

·         COPYRIGHT REGISTRATION: After the application is endorsed by the recorder, concentrates will be send by enlistment center to the candidate.